Is Android 5.0 Lollipop more stable than iOS 8?

For years the debate between Android and iOS has hinged on few important factors, including stability. Fans of iOS have been quick to call out the shortcomings in Android’s offerings in the past, while Android lovers haven’t shied away from doing the same for iOS. But we’ve never really reached a definitive answer – in perspective, which really is the more stable platform? If a report today from Crittercism is accurate, it looks like Android finally takes the cake, with Android Lollipop stability edging out iOS 8 to claim victory.

With the release of so many new features for both Android and iOS in 2014, both camps have been complaining a little about instability – we’re aware that Lollipop had and still has multiple issues, and despite various updates, iOS still isn’t quite perfect (in fact, Apple is supposedly even considering releasing iOS 9 simply as an update to smoothen the iOS 8 experience).

Getting into raw numbers, Lollipop reportedly had a crash rate of 2%, compared to iOS’s 2.2%. There’s no major victory here, but it is good to see that extra 0.2% buffer. For reference, Lollipop is far more stable than KitKat by this metric, though iOS 7 was 0.3% more stable than the latest iOS model.

Source: Crittercism
Via: PhoneArena

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