The public release of Android L is nearly here – at least, we sure think it is – but when it comes to a name for this new version of the OS, all we have is that “L.” Ever since the arrival of Android KitKat we’ve been wondering what name the L-release would take, but confirmation’s been elusive. Long-standing rumors of Lemon Meringue Pie have recently been joined by new contenders, like Android Lion, and over the weekend some possible evidence has arrive in favor of another pair of L-names, Android Lollipop, or maybe Layer Cake.

Both theories come to us courtesy of Google’s sixteenth birthday celebration, for which it posted the animated GIF containing the frames you see above. So what makes this look like an Android L teaser, and not some innocuous, wholly unrelated birthday thing? As Phandroid wisely notes, who puts lollipops on a cake? OK, some weirdos, sure, but they’re out of place enough to raise an eyebrow, and that’s enough to have us paying attention to this theory.

The “Layer Cake” bit is a little looser, and we’re only really acknowledging it because those lollipops have us keyed-in to looking for more L foods. But really, Android Lollipop has a nice ring to it, and is certainly a much more accessible moniker than Lemon Meringue Pie. With a little luck, we’ll have confirmation in just a couple weeks.

Source: Google
Via: Phandroid

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