What will be the final designation Google gives to its next major Android release? Following Jelly Bean and KitKat, it’s time for an L-named treat, but just which? Back at Google I/O, Google managed to side-step the issue with this “Android L” business, but that’s just a placeholder. With the big public release of Android L due for this fall, along with expectations for new Nexus hardware, when are we going to lean this software’s final name? We’ve got a couple news developments along those lines to check out as we start the week.

First up, there’s what happened over the weekend – or rather, what didn’t. Google had been spotted putting up signs notifying employees of plans to bring in a crane for something over at the Android sculpture garden. Were we getting our L statue? Not quite. Instead, Google just ended up shifting around the existing statues a little. Granted, this may be prep work for the actual L statue unveiling, but the big event will have to wait for another day.

So are we any closer at all to a name? Maybe. A new leak attempts to reveal some specs for a device purporting to be a new 2014 version of the Nexus 5. The picture it paints is one of a 5.2-inch quad HD handset running a Snapdragon 805 with 3GB of RAM, but for the moment we’re less interested in the hardware (as well as the unusual depiction of this device as a new Nexus 5, rather than something like that “Nexus X” name that’s been hanging around lately), and more in the software it’s supposed to be running: Android Lion.

“But Lion’s not a dessert!” Not so fast. Nestlé has a candy bar named Lion, although it’s one better known in the UK than here in the States. And while that may have you wanting to dismiss the idea of Android L being Android Lion as unlikely… well, did KitKat sound very plausible the first time you heard that?

Source: Thomas Devaux (Google+), EMT Leaks (Twitter)
Via: Android Police, Phone Arena

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