Top 5 Android Launchers in 2015 (Video)

From cruise control to do-it-yourself, the amount of control users can have over Android Back in late 2013, we covered an extensive range of Android launchers for the different people who might have wanted something a little different from their phone’s native skin. Hell, even before then, we were all up in Launcher Wars.  This was back when Android 2.2 Froyo was out and HTC’s Sense UI was drool-worthy.

Obviously, Android’s facade had a good helping of TLC over the past few years. And while OEMs trend toward cleaner appearances, the appeal of Material Design guidelines as well as the nitpick nature of the OS has given way to some fantastic developer-crafted launchers.

But time does not make everything automatically better. In some cases, a couple of the launchers we have here regressed, be it for ideological reasons or technical ones. Nevertheless, it’s still worth examining your options in such a crowded software marketplace. And, no, there aren’t any winners per se, but they’re some of the most popular Android launchers out there.

So, what are your winners in terms of launchers? Leave some recommendations down below.

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