Android L in pictures: Google’s newest OS poses for the screenshot-cam

If you don’t have a Nexus 5 or Nexus 7 2013 to test it out on, you may be itching to see how well it performs. If a hands-on video isn’t your thing, and you simply want to take a good look at the next version of Google’s mobile OS, look no further than the compilation of Android L screenshots below.

One thing many don’t realize, is that Android L in its current state really isn’t much of a visual overhaul from KitKat. Sure, the Settings app and core UI aspects have been redone, but most apps haven’t received the redesign treatment from Google quite yet. The one big notable exception is Google+, an app which received its redesign many weeks ago.

Another thing we noticed is that the Gallery app has finally been removed from Android, replaced with the Photos app (which is subsequently more connected to Google+). The Android easter egg, found in most revisions of Android by going into Settings → About and tapping on the Android version multiple times, is random gibberish from what we can see — that’s also pictured below.

A couple things aren’t working quite yet in Android L as well (at least for us). Mirroring your display to a Chromecast, both through the Quick Settings shortcut and through the actual Settings screen, is currently a no-go from our testing. Another thing we didn’t really expect to work, but were still sad to see fail, is Towelroot (we tested v3.0).

We end the written portion of this piece by going over the new boot animation. It’s a bunch of spinning dots in Nexus colors, with a super hot nice-looking Android logo fading in and out at the end. We like it.

Check out all the Android L screenshots below.

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