Consumer Intelligence Research Partners has put out new figures on where the consumer base stands with when it comes to Android and iOS. Trends are pointing to less switching for new phone buyers during the holiday season.

CIRP reports that loyalty for those upgrading their devices in the December quarter has gone up to 91 percent for iPhones and just above 92 percent for Android phones. Since the spring, both platforms have seen a surge in loyalty to record levels with iOS about to close a 4-point gap with Android.

The company’s analysts say that hardware upgrade cycles are lengthening and could be contributing to comfort and complacency.

Regarding overall sales during the holidays, CIRP logged down 62 percent of US network activations as going to Android devices while 37 percent went to iPhones — the share of holiday activations has stabilized in the past couple years around the 60/40 split in favor of Android.

Data was obtained through a survey of 500 respondents who had bought either a new or used device from October through December.

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