Android and iOS together accounted for 98.5 percent of Q4 smartphone sales

The latest global smartphone sales numbers are in, and according to market research firm Gartner, you can forget about Windows posing any sort of threat for the Android – iOS duopoly. Not this century, based on how things are going, with only 4 million Microsoft-endorsed handhelds shipped to end users between October and December 2015, tallying a lousy 1.1 percent share of the total.

Needless to highlight BlackBerry OS did even worse at the worldwide box-office, falling below the one-million sales mark, as was the case for “other” platforms. Meanwhile, Android rose from 279 million units and a dominant 76 percent slice of the pie back in Q4 2014 to 325M and a crushing 80.7 percent respectively.

Despite hitting new quarterly record peaks, iPhones actually declined year-on-year, from 74 million and 20.4 percent to 71 and 17.7. But Apple’s silver medal is obviously not going anywhere, both as far as operating systems and device manufacturers are concerned.

In the latter chart, Cupertino snatched shares of 17.7 and 15.9 percent for Q4 2015 and the year as a whole respectively, followed by Huawei in third, at 8 and 7.3. The bronze medalist rode a wave of increased overseas brand visibility to score the best year-over-year performance in Q4, whereas Samsung unsurprisingly and comfortably topped the ranks.

During the past holiday season, the Galaxy reportedly grew compared to the same timeframe in Q4, from 73 million unit sales and 19.9 percent market share to 83 mil and 20.7 percent. But in terms of full-year figures, share dropped by more than two percentage points, with shipments on a lowly upward trajectory.

Let’s not forget to mention the overall industry grew 9.7 percent in Q4 2015, which may sound saturation-defying, but it’s in fact the market’s slowest spike in eight (!) years. Not very encouraging!

Source: Gartner

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