Android Honeycomb Is Indeed Version 2.4, Say Server Logs [Update]

So we happened to be looking through some of our analytics logs today, and for the first time ever, we saw a very curious thing: a single device performed a single visit on Sunday and reported its operating system as Android 2.4. This would not be the first time we’d heard that Honeycomb, the confirmed codename for the post-Gingerbread version of the platform, referred to version number 2.4, and not 3.0, as has been widely expected up to this point — Android and Me first reported this possibility on December 15th, citing a developer working on third party software for “different versions of Android.”

android 2 4 honeycomb

Now we know that Android devices can be hacked to falsely display incorrect version numbers, so we asked a colleague at a larger site to check their records — sure enough, 15 separate visits from Android 2.4 (and only two from 3.0). Again, we can’t be sure, but this seems like pretty compelling evidence that we’re looking at Android 2.4 Honeycomb, not Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

Since we’ve heard that the main changes in Honeycomb would be the addition of tablet-friendly interfaces, a minor versioning bump does make more sense than a full leap to the next whole number, which Android and Me’s Taylor Wimberly suggested was being reserved for a more full-featured upgrade. That report went on to say that the build will be launched at February’s MWC, although we’d heard that Motorola’s Honeycomb-powered tablet — likely dubbed Xoom — will debut at CES next month, so we’re not sure what to expect at this point.

Update: After seeing our post, Android Police checked its own logs, which turned up 15 visits from several 2.4 devices over a six day period — and none from devices reporting themselves as 3.x.

Image: Android and Me

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