Android Guy Weekly – How to Make Your Batteries Last Longer

Last week on the Android Guy Weekly we talked about how batteries are holding our devices back. Our CPUs, GPUs, RAM, screens, and wireless radios are getting more power-hungry, but our batteries aren’t making the same technological leaps as the other components.

The comments on that episode we very informative and helpful, but a single thread began to stand out from the others: What can I do to make my battery last longer. What was more interesting that the comments were geared more to the lifespan of the battery, not the run-time per charge.

We’ll tackle that in today’s episode of The Android Guy Weekly!

Batteries don’t like to be empty. They don’t like to be full, either. They’re kind of fickle that way. Most batteries like to be somewhere between 20% and 80% full. If your battery is held over 80% for extended periods of time you’ll shorten its usable lifespan. If you continually “deep-discharge” your battery, you’ll also reduce its usable lifespan, too. Different batteries behave differently, so I can’t tell you exactly what your particular battery likes (or dislikes), but most batteries fall within these guidelines.

Other than saving a few dozen bucks every year or so (by not having to buy a new battery), you’re not going to see many advantages to “babysitting” your battery as long as your battery is removable. You can always replace it if it starts behaving poorly.

If you cannot remove your battery, which is the case with most tablets and increasingly many smartphones, having a battery fail before your device does is an expensive repair: you’ll either replace your device, or pay a service center some hard-earned green to open your device, and replace the battery — if they can.

Keep an eye on your battery. Don’t over-charge it. Don’t let it get too low too often. Charge it to 100%, but unplug it as soon as you can afterwards. Discharge it completely every few weeks, but don’t make a habit of discharging it below 20% very often.

If you take care of your battery, it will take care of you.

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