Android Go features lightened Google apps, OS for markets that need it

A lighter version of the Android OS, lightened Google native apps and a Play Store that helps users get to optimized apps for their affordable devices. Those are the missions Android O hopes to fulfill with Android Go. The challenges it seeks to tackle are low memory situations thanks to manufacturers’ budget lines — RAM prices are up again, amazingly, so Android One phones will be an ideal to get this — and access to cellular data (either by costs or by reception).

YouTube Go, for example, lets users preview the video they want to see and lays out how much data will be used to either stream or download the clip. Offline sharing is also available for friends in the same developmental fringe areas to save on data and processes. Other Google apps will get “Go-ified” over time.

The Google Play Store is also highlighting properly lightened versions of third-party apps. Developers can look to the Building for Billions guidelines set up by Google, such as a useful offline state, APKs shrunk under 10MB and better battery and memory performance overall.

Combine this with data usage reductions mentioned earlier in the keynote and you’ve got a pretty potent low end for Android coming in soon.

All Android versions will ship with an Android Go variant for manufacturers to take advantage of in future.

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