As you’ve likely noticed already, Wikipedia is blacked-out today in protest of the anti-internet legislation under consideration in the US Congress. Well, that’s the case for desktops, anyway, so if you just absolutely needed to look something up, you might have discovered that the site’s working just fine when accessed through your smartphone. For many Android users, that means pulling open a browser or using one of the many third-part apps that connects you with the site’s resources. Now there’s a new way to go, as the Wikimedia Foundation has released the first official Wikipedia app for Android.

Why should use the Wikipedia app instead of just bookmarking the site in your browser? While your experience using the app should largely mirror what you’re used to, the app offer a few tweaks that may enhance your user experience. For instance, if you found one article really fascinating and wanted to make sure you’d be able to access it later, even if you’re traveling outside your carrier’s data coverage zone, you can cache pages to be viewed offline. Other features include the ability to easily share articles with friends, on-the-fly language switching, and the ability to conduct searches about what’s nearby, using your location data.

Wikipedia is available in the Android Market now, for phones running Froyo or later.

Source: Android Market

Via: Android Central

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