Google Announces an Android Event For October 29th

Yes, this is the month where we all get very little sleep covering everything that’ll be on your shopping list this holiday season. If you thought that Apple was the only company trying to darken the glory of the Microsoft Surface and Windows Phone 8, think again. Google has just announced that they’ll hold an Android event on October 29th, and yes you guessed it right, this is the same date when Microsoft will launch Windows Phone 8 to the public.

Now what could we expect from this event? For starters we know that Google is planning to drop the price on the Nexus 7 to just $99 along with the additional option of a 32GB Nexus 7. We’ve also heard of Google working with Samsung on building a 10-inch Nexus tablet with some note capabilities. But the hottest rumors of them all are the Nexus smartphones. We’ve got an LG Nexus 4 in the mix and we’ve also got a probable Sony Nexus X that some are already calling a fake. Whatever the case may be we’ve got Apple on the 23rd, Windows 8th on the 26th, Windows Phone 8 on the 29th and now Google also on the 29th, so do yourself a favor and keep your wallet in check because this holiday season will be full of some really hot competition. We’ll keep you posted on all the goods as soon as they happen on each of these dates, so mark your calendars and see you then.

Source: The Verge

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