Nougat gains another 2 percent in September’s Android distribution numbers, finally beating KitKat

The last Android distribution report before the platform’s newest flavor eats up its first (minuscule) slice of the pie is out, and Google has just as little to be proud about as a month ago. Or two months back, or three, or a year, or five.

There’s still no end in sight for the fragmentation issue, with Big G and third-party mobile hardware manufacturers unquestionably sharing the blame for Android Nougat’s lethargic spread and Marshmallow’s continued prevalence.

But OS builds 7.0 and 7.1 are making (slow) progress, for what it’s worth, climbing to 14.2 and 1.6 percent usage respectively during the 7-day period ending on September 11, from 12.3 and 1.2 percentage points at the beginning of August.

The 15.8 percent combined market share of the two Nougat versions finally surpasses the latest numbers attributed to an operating system iteration originally released almost four years ago. 4.4 KitKat stands at 15.1 percent, down from 16 last month, comfortably beating the 6.9 percent total of its Jelly Bean predecessor.

Meanwhile, Android Nougat continues to lag behind gold and silver medalists Marshmallow and Lollipop, the former of which only slipped 0.1 percent over the past 30 days. There’s absolutely no touching M’s dominant 32.2 percent tally, and it’s still going to be a while until N can challenge L’s 28.8 percent score.

Finally, the ancient Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich desserts move another small step closer to extinction, desperately clutching 0.6 percent shares, down 0.1 from August 7.

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