How’s that Oreo update treating you? Come on, don’t be shy now, we know you’re there. In a disheartening minority still, which will remain the case for quite some time going forward. But if you think about it, 0.2 percent of over 2 billion is not such an insignificant number as it sounds.

Equating to roughly 4 million, it suggests Google didn’t sell as many first-generation Pixel phones as it envisioned a year ago. The Pixel and Pixel XL, alongside a handful of Nexuses and Sony’s overpriced Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact, are currently the world’s only Android 8.0-powered products, so all in all, Oreo’s first monthly platform distribution appearance isn’t surprisingly weak.

For comparison purposes, 7.0 Nougat merely tallied an extra 0.1 percent share back in November 2016, and we’re hearing the 5-inch Pixel 2 will start shipping in just a couple of weeks, obviously running 8.0 Oreo out the box. Not to mention all the buzz around town hinting at unusually early updates for a bunch of third-party phones.

Bottom line, we have every reason to hope the latest (and sweetest) Android flavor will score its first full percentage point by the beginning of next month. Meanwhile, Nougat continues to rise steadily as it narrows the gap to Lollipop’s silver medal placement, leaving KitKat in the dust.

Version 7.0 racked up 15.8 percent in the week ending on October 2, up from 14.2 a month earlier, with 7.1 now at 2 percent, compared to 1.6 on September 11. That’s a 2 percent surge all in all, though the resulting combined share of 17.8 percentage points still can’t hold a candle to Lollipop’s 27.7 total, let alone Marshmallow’s almost unchanged 32 percent slice of the pie. And no, Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich aren’t completely out of circulation.

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