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Android distribution numbers published by… Pornhub

By Anton D. Nagy December 19, 2019, 6:00 am

Google used to frequently update developers, and the world, of the state of its Android operating system distribution. How many devices run what kind of version of the platform was a good indication of how adoption of a new operating system propagates through the user base.

Google hasn’t shared any numbers since May, but Pornhub’s 2019 Year in Review sheds some light on the matter.

46.6% of Pornhub’s mobile traffic comes from Android devices. Of those, 48% were running Android 9 Pie, with Oreo following at 23%, Nougat at 12%, Marshmallow at 8%, Lollipop at 5%, and older versions sharing the last 4%.


Of note that these numbers refer to traffic for the entire year, and also count devices without Google Mobile Services. Still, it’s a good indication of the state of Android.

On the flip side, distribution for Apple’s iOS is in a much better shape, with 71% of all iOS traffic coming from iOS 13 devices, with iOS 12 at 24%.

Source: Pornhub


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