Android-Chrome merger may be previewed at Pixel event

The Chromening of Android? Or the Droidening of Chrome OS? We still haven’t had much to make of word last year from the Wall Street Journal that Google’s two primary software platforms would merge together. Google denied any notion of it, but lo and behold what came this year: Android apps working on Chromebooks.

As Android turns eight years old and all we get out of it is a stupid cake, we have to wonder what Senior VP of Android, Google Play and Chrome Hiroshi Lockheimer might have to say about it.

Of course, if there’s one tweeter to set off people’s imaginations as to what this could mean, it’s Hiroshi Lockheimer. And if there’s one person that can put a loudspeaker to thoughts on Android, it’s David Ruddock of Android Police.

He believes that the merger, being called “Andromeda” in the interim, will be previewed at the October 4 hardware event Google has scheduled. It’s where the Pixel phones will be officially announced and, perhaps, an early look as to what Droid-like software could be running on larger form factors in the future, perhaps even in 2017. Those dates do hit the very vague timeline as the Journal was told of.

Of course, maybe Google could be announcing their acquisition of T******.

Come and get your love, friends.

Via: Android Police

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