Calling all devs! Fancy yourself an Android expert? Or just a curious amateur who has a knack for tracking down potentially nasty security vulnerabilities? Google wants your help. The company is expanding its Vulnerability Reward Program to cover Android, inviting devs to track down security holes and offering to pay them cold, hard cash for their efforts.

Depending on the severity of the bugs devs uncover, as well as the efforts they take to document and fix the issue (if they so choose), Google’s reward structure is set up to offer them as much as $8000 for their work. But even a simple report of a moderate-severity bug will net the dev a quick $500.

The program officially covers only the latest Android builds available for currently-for-sale Nexus models, but any fixes made here will end up trickling down through to other devices as they upgrade. What it doesn’t cover, though, are bugs in devices other than phones and tablets, meaning no rewards for uncovering security flaws in things like the Nexus Player or Android Wear smartwatches.

If you’re a dev looking to help keep Android secure and maybe make a little cash in the process, hit up the source link for full details on Google’s program.

Source: Google
Via: Android Central

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