Five years from now, what form will BlackBerry’s business take? Will the company still be selling smartphones, or will it have transitioned to a firm focused primarily on delivering enterprise services for other phones? And if it does keep its smartphone lineup going, what can we expect from its mobile platform? A new rumor suggests that BlackBerry is looking to diversify its smartphone offerings, and that for an upcoming model it may take the unprecedented step of dropping its own BlackBerry 10 OS in favor of an Android-powered handset.

Sources claim that an Android-based BlackBerry phone is a very real possibility, with the company considering its options now. It’s not clear if this would mark a the beginning of a transition over to an Android-dominated lineup, or if it might be a one-off, but the main reason for the effort is supposed be an attempt to convince other firms that the BlackBerry Enterprise Server is a viable management system for Android handsets.

We may have even seen this Android-running BlackBerry already, with sources claiming that the hardware BlackBerry will use for this Android phone is the very same keyboard-equipped slider the company teased on-stage at MWC in early March (above). With that handset expected sometime this fall, we could be getting to the bottom of this rumor in just a few more months.

Source: Reuters

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