Android beats Windows to claim internet usage crown in StatCounter’s March report

While Google’s Android operating system has been dominating a fast-growing mobile market for many years now, and Microsoft’s struggle to stop the free fall of traditional computers continues, it’s only today that StatCounter reports a major and long overdue global victory for smartphone web traffic.

Based on in-depth analysis of around 3 million sites, the independent company’s research arm claims Android ruled the worldwide internet usage chart for the first time in history during March 2017, finally ending a Windows winning streak dating as far back as the 1980s.

Granted, we’re looking at essentially the smallest of possible gaps between the two platforms (37.93 vs. 37.91 percent share), but as StatCounter CEO Aodhan Cullen points out, “this is a milestone in technology history and the end of an era.”

It’s hard to believe the order will be reversed anytime soon either, as smartphone growth slows down, but PCs are less and less relevant, scoring a fraction of their little brothers’ sales numbers nowadays quarter after quarter. Also, don’t get us started on how Microsoft totally dropped the Windows Mobile ball.

The best Redmond can hope for is to somehow lead the “next paradigm shift”, which is no easy feat, considering the very heated early competition in augmented reality, AI, voice and Continuum fields.

Windows obviously continues to tower above desktop OS rivals in web usage, with 84.34 percent share compared to less than 12 for OS X, while Android beats iOS a whopping 71.61 to 19.5 percent in mobile StatCounter… stats. Finally, iOS takes the tablet gold by a margin of over 30 percent in a battle against Android.

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