Android Application Weekly 25 Feb 2011

In this episode of the Android Application Weekly we demonstrate some apps that will keep you entertained, allow you to share practically anything to another device, and make suing the phone in the car a breeze. To download these directly to your Android device just take a picture of the QR-Code using Google Goggles or any other QR-Code scanner to be taken directly to the Android Market.

Blow Up – A lite and $2.99 full version


Blow Up is a fun and simple puzzle game. The object to so place various bombs on the support structures and them blow them up. To win the levels just cause the structure to fall below the line. Try to aim the panda toward the star to earn an additional bonus.

Blow Up

Hoccer – A free application


Transfer virtually anything from one device to another using Hoccer. The program works by created an ad-hoc network between the two devices which allows for large files to be sent or received. Hoccer is easy to use just slide the file from one device to the other or send it by throwing. Make sure your recipient catches it though. This program works between Android and iOS.

Hoccer (2)

Vlingo – A free application


Vlingo is a great program for anyone that wants to control various actions and communications with their voice. The app has an optimized user interface for use in the car which makes text larger and will even speak back new messages and emails.


XDA Premium – A lite and $0.99 full version.


Although we have reviewed the XDA-Developers free app, this paid version of the app has many more features and customizations. View legacy forums, add forum shortcuts to the Android homescreen, choose custom color styles, and make the screen larger by collapsing the top bar. The paid version also eliminates those annoying ads.

XDA Premium

BigOven – A free application


With over 170,000 recipes BigOven is one of the best authorities for any foodie. Browse through a nearly endless array of tasty treats, succulent entrees, and appetizing appetizers. If you are a premium member just click the add-to-shopping-list button to have all the ingredients saved to your BigOven account. Share the recipes with anyone through email or Facebook. The premium service costs about $16 a year.

Blow Up

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