Android 8.0 Oreo continues slow spread, reaching AT&T Moto Z2 Force and US unlocked HTC 10

The good news seems to be finally piling up on the Android Oreo updating front for owners of multiple high-end devices from a number of different brands, including Samsung, HTC and Motorola.

Even though we’re still waiting for an official announcement, the pain and sorrow of unlocked HTC 10 users stuck with Nougat may well be over. The OTA Android 8.0 rollout is underway at last in the US, according to dozens of relieved reports splashed across social media. Now let’s just hope no critical bugs end up interfering with the nationwide spread.

Meanwhile, you probably have nothing to worry about if you’re an AT&T Moto Z2 Force owner looking to download and install the modular phone’s latest software update. That’s because the carrier has already made the rollout public, which means all the performance enhancements, new features and security patches have passed multiple stability tests.

Bizarrely enough, Oreo files are listed as weighing a measly 334MB, so there’s definitely little to no carrier bloat heading out to AT&T’s Moto Z2 Force edition. Expect a revised January 1 security patch level on your handset after leaving Nougat behind, and a host of standard upgrades including background limits, autofill, smart text selection, Picture-in-Picture mode, and a fully redesigned emoji set.

It might not be a bad idea to consider purchasing the Moto Z2 Force from AT&T right now, as the razor-thin Snapdragon 835 powerhouse fetches a reasonable $615 with an Alexa-supporting Smart Speaker Moto Mod and two months of free Amazon Music Unlimited access bundled in.

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