Android 7.0 Nougat continues sluggish US expansion, reaching unlocked LG G5 and AT&T HTC One M9

What could the LG G5 and HTC One M9 possibly have in common, aside from low sales figures and the imminence of oblivion? Fun fact – while they may seem just as old, obsolete and unattractive, one is actually 12 months younger than the other.

But that was of little help to the G5 when it came to Android 7.0 updates, which started rolling out at around the same time as M9’s major software promotion, and expanded nationwide in similarly sluggish fashion.

Fate has yet again brought the two devices together, as Nougat continues its super-slow rise to Jelly Bean-beating Android distribution numbers. The latest variants to finally leave old raggedy Marshmallow behind are the LG RS988, aka US unlocked G5, and HTC 0PJA110, aka AT&T-specific HTC One M9.

Yes, you read that right, after all the flak Samsung got for keeping unlocked Galaxy S7 users stateside waiting for 7.0 goodies, LG is only now silently upgrading its own officially unlocked US version of last year’s H1 flagship phone. Call it the other side of the market-leading coin.

Meanwhile, AT&T is definitely a little late to the One M9’s build N party compared to Sprint, and even more compared to T-Mobile, but at least it’s able to hold bragging rights over Verizon. If anyone still cares about the early 2015-released Snapdragon 810 “powerhouse”, that is.

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