Android 7.0 Nougat also begins rolling out to unlocked Moto Z Play

Official Nougat treats rolling out to the mid-range Moto Z Play as early as January, even just in a few European markets, seemed too good to be true, and sure enough, Android 7.0 updates were halted and pushed back until March.

Hey, that’s this month, and as promised, both the Verizon-exclusive Droid Edition and international unlocked models have started receiving major over-the-air software changes, hopefully with no bugs or experimental “features” included this time around.

Stateside, Motorola (or rather Lenovo) still sells the Moto Z Play with your choice of operator commitment for a penny under $450, which isn’t exactly a steal. Thankfully, Best Buy can do better, charging 50 bucks less, or $360 if you don’t mind purchasing refurbished gear.

Compatible with all the same Moto Mod accessories as “regular” and Moto Z Force variants, this slightly cheaper-looking 5.5-incher actually accommodates one of those “obsolete” headphone jacks, packing Snapdragon 625 processing power, 3GB RAM and 3510 mAh battery capacity.

Unfortunately, Android 7.0 Nougat doesn’t bring Daydream VR support to the lower-end Moto Z configuration, otherwise serving up everything you’ve come to expect. Multi-window view, quick switch between apps, Doze on the Go, data-saving functionality, bundled notifications, custom quick settings, accessibility improvements, fresh (-er) security patches, the whole nine yards.

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