In case it wasn’t already crystal clear the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer plans to perk up the Honor sub-brand’s visibility and mainstream acclaim, the Marshmallow update promised for the head of the family in February has dropped much sooner.

Technically however, we’re not dealing with your standard, wide-scale, official, fully polished rollout, as Honor 7 owners in India have to first sign up for the Android 6.0 beta build. Within a maximum of 48 hours of your program submission, you’ll get a prompt message to leave Lollipop behind, hopefully for good.

As far as the Huawei Honor 7-using masses are concerned, plus Honor 6, 6 Plus, 4X and 4C proprietors, M treats remain at least a couple of months away. But if you don’t mind a few bugs here and there, and a prospective sense of general system instability, the experimental firmware available OTA on request is worth a quick test drive, especially as user feedback might help Huawei get the most out of Google’s newest OS.

Besides all the standard enhancements, battery life augmentations, security add-ons and performance improvements, Android Marshmallow arrives on the Honor 7 with proprietary EMUI 4.0 tweaks on top, including a professional mode for the 20MP rear-facing camera, a bunch of Gallery filters, labels, album functions and watermark elements, Smart group contact features, an option for quickly recalling sent messages, screen recording capabilities, and eyesight protection settings. Sounds massive… -ly delicious.

Source: Registration Google Doc
Via: Android Central

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