Earlier today, Android Marshmallow technically dropped on all of us. To be more specific, the public version of 6.0 got pushed and was intended for developers to work with some live software. Google promised that over-the-air updates to devices-at-large would start tumbling out in due fashion.

We’ve been wishing hard, praising the techies at Google and yet, we’re all disappointed the same in some aspects. One of these aspects was the dark theme that we so desperately wanted in those pitch black room conditions. Also not easy on the eyes was the multi-pane app multitasking, or the lack thereof. It’s still being incubated in private, though you could probably dive into the bushes and take a test ride for yourself. We were hoping this would be public and ready by 6.0, though, but hey! At least it’s still in the works!

Just like everything else on this marshmallowy software. The x.0s are always the toughest to eek through in a software version’s history, but so far, we haven’t seen disaster levels peak at Lollipop. Our Nexus 9 that we used for importing the update did exhibit “charging” behavior despite the fact that it was clearly discharging. Google Now on Tap does well for about 80 percent of the queries we had it screenshot from off our webpages and YouTube clips. Of course, others have reported more varying degrees of accuracy for the algorithm-based assistant.

The rest — from subcutaneous app permissions to the return (and refinement) of volume down to silence — is almost what we expected from the months trailing off of this year’s Google I/O conference. And at this stage, there are some features we’re going to have to let simmer, like the idle-enhancing Doze power save feature. Some other standards, like USB Type-C and fingerprint sensors, will have to wait until the new Nexus devices get into our review labs for closer inspection.

In the meantime, we’ve put out our first report in short order to get our first impressions out there as well as yours!

Android 6.0 Marshmallow First Look (video)



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