We’re all familiar with companies that partner with others to pre-bundle “exclusive” software on their devices. NFL football apps, NASCAR, Internet TV, and more have been included on devices from Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile, just as examples. These types of partnerships attempt to lure fans to switch to the “official carrier” of whatever it may be.

Then we began to see other strategic partnerships rise. Partnerships that made more sense. I’m referring to the arrangement between HTC and Dropbox. Back in 2011 Dropbox announced that they’d be giving HTC customers 5GB of storage space in the could. More than double what non-HTC customers would get for free. Later the duo upped that to 50GB with a time-limit — after which customers would have to pay for the extra space.

Other partnerships have come and gone, but this one is new, and it honestly surprised us.

Jay Trungale, CEO and President of Perkins & Marie Callender’s Inc. has informally announced that his company and Google will be teaming up to “make the next version (of Android) a little sweeter”. Tungale was seen using his Nexus 4 at a recent shareholder’s meeting and when asked about the Google flagship device, he said he’s always been a fan of Android. What’s more, he went on to tell one reporter “we’ve got something ‘sweet’ lined up with Google for the next release of their OS”, though he was quick to say that “nothing official has been released — yet”.

William Pruellage, a member of the Board of Directors, wasn’t as shy sharing what he knew of the deal. “We suspected that an upcoming version of Android would be called ‘Key Lime Pie’ and have been in talks with various players at Google since the Gingerbread days. We thought that, as one of the most recognized names in the pie industry, we could work out some kind of co-branding deal with them.”

Apparently they have. If our source is correct, everyone who purchases a Nexus device with Key Lime Pie pre-loaded on it will get a free one-year membership to their “Pie of the Month” club. Customers will be able to use their Nexus with a Google Wallet coupon to pick up their free key lime pie at any Marie Callender’s location. If you don’t like key lime pie, you’ll be able to get any other flavor you want for a reduced price.

Sure, it sounds a bit unorthodox, but who doesn’t like pie?

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