Moto 360

One of the biggest differences between Android proper and the version of the OS meant specifically for wearables is the fact that no OEM skins are allowed – this means that updates, once released by Google, can immediately start hitting devices from an assortment of manufacturers. That’s exactly what’s happened today, with the Android 4.4W.2 update hitting Android Wear devices with a bunch of new features and bug fixes.

The rollout began earlier today, with the LG G Watch and G Watch R (unreleased, save for the few review units out in the wild) seeing the update first. The update, build number KNX01Q, contains support for Bluetooth music and GPS. However, since no Android Wear devices other than the Sony SmartWatch 3 have a GPS chip, we won’t be seeing the feature in action until Sony starts shipping the device out.

Motorola followed up later in the day through a blog post, letting us all know that the Moto 360 is also receiving an update – this one includes Smart Battery Saving, Timely Time Checks, User Interface Tweaks, Mood Lighting, Bug Squashing, and more. Smart Battery Saving will turn off Ambience Mode automatically when the battery level of your 360 hits 15% or less, Timely Time Checks will synchronize the time with your phone more often in order for a greater degree of accuracy, and the User Interface Tweaks will let you hide (but not dismiss!) a notification so that it’ll still be there, but it won’t cover up your watch face.

Mood Lighting will change the brightness of the charging indicator by how dark (or bright) a room is, so it isn’t too dark or bright to let you sleep. And finally, the Bug Squashing part is pretty self explanatory.

The update is rolling out now to these devices – and we hope the Samsung Gear Live is up next – though it appears to be a staged rollout: our newly-unboxed Moto 360 unit isn’t showing the update quite yet. If you’ve installed the update, sound off your thoughts down below!

Source: Motorola, Android Police

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