Rumors and speculation have a way of taking on lives of their own; they start out simply enough, but everything can quickly start snowballing and building up some serious momentum – deservedly or not. Sometimes we come across such rumors that are just so wrong-minded that we feel compelled to speak up as the voice of reason. That’s where we find ourselves today, with some pretty ridiculous Android 4.4 KitKat launch rumors going around.

Nestle continues to promote the forthcoming launch of Android 4.4 KitKat, just as it’s been doing for weeks now. Yesterday and today, the company posted a pair of tweets that are getting a lot of attention as containing hidden clues pointing to the date when Android 4.4 will launch (presumably, hand-in-hand with the Nexus 5).

So what are these “clues?” A pic of a happy-looking Android alongside the tweet “Everybody dance now!” and an #AndroidKITKAT hashtag, and then a separate tweet (this time with no overt Android reference), telling fans to “look for the signs” before spelling out “THIS IS IT” in Kit Kat bars.

Not seeing any sign of a launch date? We don’t blame you. The logic is supposed to be that the first tweet references C+C Music Factory (so far, so good), but then we’re expected to recognize that members of that group previously performed as The 28th Street Crew. Then, of all the possible references for “THIS IS IT,” we’re supposed to latch-on to the fact that the Michael Jackson docu-film of that name premiered on October 28. Clearly, Nestle is just shoving this number 28 right down our throats! Seriously? The “THIS IS IT” text isn’t a “sign” of the launch; it’s a very dumb, literal joke saying “this is your cue to eat Kit Kat bars.”

There are stretches, and there are stretches, but this takes the cake. We know that some companies like to really feel clever and tease their fans with clues, but we’re not getting the slightest whiff of that here. Instead, this feels like exactly like the same particular flavor of crazy those Bible code nuts buy in to, looking for meaning in a sea of noise, where none otherwise exists.

Are we supposed to think that Google will launch Android 4.4 in Paris, just because Nestle tweeted a pic of an Android plush outside the Eiffel Tower last week? Come on.

Android 4.4 will probably arrive this month, and that last week has been suggested before as a possibility. Maybe it really will show up on October 28. But that’s just going to be a coincidence.

Nothing to see here.

Source: Nestle 1,2 (Twitter)
Via: Engadget

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