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Android 13 could come with a better color theming engine than Android 12

By Sanuj Bhatia January 13, 2022, 4:00 am
oppo and oneplus coloros 12 android 12 Source: Pocketnow

One of the key features of Android 12 is the new Material You design and the new color theming engine. The new theming engine picks up the colors of your wallpaper and applies them throughout your system. It makes the whole system look in sync (sort of). It appears that Google wants to build more on this feature as the latest leaks suggest that Android 13 will get a better-theming engine than Android 12 which will allow users to choose colors from four new combinations.

The new report comes from AndroidPolice who seem to have discovered new Android 13 color theming schemes. The four new color combinations are called: 'TONAL_SPOT', 'VIBRANT', 'EXPRESSIVE', and 'SPRITZ'.


The Tonal_Spot setting is the default color theming scheme that Android 12 currently uses. The 'Vibrant' setting will have some colors in addition to the 'Tonal_Spot' whereas the 'Expressive' setting will have a range of colors that are actually not a part of the wallpaper, but will complement the other colors of the wallpaper well. The 'Spritz' mode will nearly be a monochromatic theme, according to AndroidPolice.

Here's how the publication describes the new color theming schemes.

  • TONAL_SPOT: The current default colors Monet chooses.
  • VIBRANT: A palette similar to TONAL_SPOT, but with slight differences in supplementary accents.
  • EXPRESSIVE: A wider range of colors, seemingly including some not actually in the background, but which >complement it well.
  • SPRITZ: a muted, desaturated, nearly monochromatic theme.

Android 13 will allow users to choose from these options directly in the settings. AndroidPolice says that the feature is currently under active development and we could see more options/changes in the theming engine soon.

New Notification Permission Pop-up

In addition to sharing the new color theming engine, the publication has also shared the new notification pop-up that will be a part of Android 13. Currently, Android allows all the apps installed to send notifications to your phone without any permissions. You have to disable the notifications manually if you don't want to receive them. However, it appears that Google is looking to implement an iOS-like notification system on Android 13.

android 13 notification permission pop up
Android 13 notifications permission dialog box
Source: AndroidPolice

In Android 13, apps will have to ask for permission to send notifications. Only when you hit 'Allow' then the app will be able to send notifications. The screenshot shared by AndroidPolice shows how the permission dialog would look like.

What are your thoughts on Android's new theming engine? Let us know in the comments section below!

Via: AndroidPolice


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