Following the release of Android 11’s stable build a day ago, Google has now announced Android 11 Go Edition for budget Android devices that pack 2GB of RAM or less. Google says phones running Android 11 Go Edition will launch apps 15% faster compared to its predecessor, Android 10 Go Edition. Moreover, it also facilitates an extra 270MB of RAM, which means users will now be able to run up to four more apps in the background. Similarly, it also affords 900MB of extra space for storing more apps and media. Android 11 also borrows some features and security enhancements from the vanilla Android 11 experience.

Android 11 Go Edition brings support for one-time permission for apps.

For example, Android 11 Go Edition puts all conversations in one place (in the notifications shade), ensuring that you can find all conversations easily and reply to them. And just like Android 11, the Go Edition also brings one-time permission for apps that require access to data such as location, mic and camera among other sensitive information channels. Similarly, if you haven’t used an app for a while, its permissions are automatically revoked.

Gesture-based navigations are now available on Android Go with its Android 11 iteration.

Android 11 Go Edition also supports gesture-based navigation, leaving more screen real estate for apps to take advantage of. Similarly, the safe folder feature in the Files app for securely storing sensitive information is now available on Android 11 Go Edition as well. Google says it has increased the amount of RAM from 1.5GB to 2GB for devices to qualify for its Go Edition (Android 11) program due to the arrival of more advanced features on modern budget phones.

Safe Folder Walkthrough GIF.gif
The secure folder feature in the Files app is comes to devices running Android 11 Go Edition.

“In the past two years, smartphone manufacturers have produced high-quality Android devices—with features like dual cameras or fingerprint scanners—at more affordable prices. As more of these memory-intensive features come to entry-level smartphones, our partners have asked us to improve performance on these devices, particularly around speed, storage, and memory. So, starting next month Android (Go edition) will be available on all devices with up to 2GB of memory,” explains Google.

Source: Google Blog

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