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Android 10 Q to bring support for native Face-ID-like feature

By Anton D. Nagy January 26, 2019, 1:00 pm

While Android support fingerprint recognition, it doesn’t really support authentication based on facial recognition. Sure, there are smartphones out there running Android which do, but manufacturers had to customize Android in order for them to offer an alternative to Apple’s Face-ID, which kicked off on the iPhone X, the first smartphone to feature hardware required for such tasks. Sure, Face Unlock exists, but it’s outdated and not really secure.

XDA Developers have discovered that with Android 10 Q, Google will be bringing native facial recognition support, so manufacturers don’t have to do extra work to implement it.

We’ve spotted dozens of strings and multiple methods, classes, and fields related to facial recognition in the framework, SystemUI, and Settings APKs in the leaked AOSP build of Android Q that we obtained“, said XDA Developers. The code also reveals that Android 10 Q will probably require hardware facial recognition sensors, pretty much like Apple’s entire system, which is something current devices from Xiaomi, Huawei/Honor, and OnePlus don’t really support.

If you want to get technical about the codes, make sure to follow the source link and head over to XDA Developers.

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