Google has just announced a significant update for Android Market to be rolled out to all devices running Android 1.6 and above in the next couple of weeks.

The new version will not only bring a visual overhaul but the experience has been also tuned with the addition of a carousel featured on the home and category screens. By turning the carousel you can easily flip through promoted applications and tap to be taken directly to the download page, where you’ll notice the Related content for easily finding similar applications. There are also two additional general categories — with more to follow — added for Widgets and Live Wallpapers so that every application that is related to these will be automatically added to the respective category.

The concept of several pages for a single application while being displayed has been scratched and a new content rating system for applications has been added. The refund window for purchased applications has been reduced to 15 minutes from the purchase since, Google says, most users requesting a refund do it immediately after the purchase so it’s good to have that in mind if you want a refund! A new, device targeting system will be introduced based on screen sizes, densities and GL texture compression formats while the maximum size for APK files (Android’s CABs) will be raised to 50MB meaning larger, better apps but more data transferred.

The new Market has the version number 2.2.6 and if you don’t already have the update you could force it to hit your device by clearing the data for the application at Settings, Applications, Manage Applications, All, Market.


Update: It looks like you don’t need to wait anymore to get the Market to your device as the APK has been ripped and made available for everyone. You can download it by clicking here and it has been tested to work on Android 2.2 Froyo powered Nexus One and T-Mobile G2.

Source: Google, Android Police

Via: Droid-Life

Thanks: Artem

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