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And now, an HP Elite x3 water test video…

By Jules Wang November 3, 2016, 11:51 pm

Water test videos have given us quite a shock recently. The Galaxy S7 Active didn’t make it through a control test from Consumer Reports and one of our own real-life usage tests at a water park. And then there’s the Google Pixel — which, by official rating, is only rated for surviving a light shower — blasting through an hour in a bowl of water only to come away with perhaps broken speakers.

So… water we into now?

Well, the HP Elite x3 is rated IP67 for total protection against dust and immersion resistance in water as deep as 1 meter for 30 minutes. So it should survive a dunk in a casserole dish of H₂0 just fine, right?

Well, Windowsteca did an extremely cursory water test video to show the Elite x3 off in this respect — amazingly, it seems, one of the only videos on YouTube to do so.

The touchscreen becomes inoperable underwater, but other than that, the device just acts as if its on status quo. You know, as advertised. Of course, we would’ve liked to have seen the phone in the tank for more than 22 seconds, but still, as advertised.

At least we’re not watching a phone endure more than it’s rated for. That will need way more scrutiny. And way more disclaimers.

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