Analysts predict two more record-breaking quarters for Samsung this year

The year’s third quarter hasn’t concluded yet, and while Samsung can reasonably hope for both a strong start to Galaxy Note 8 global sales and continued Galaxy S8 success, heightened flagship smartphone competition makes any specific projection tricky to get just right.

But whether the chaebol will manage to ship 11 million Note 8 units, 12, 10 or considerably less, one thing’s for sure – overall company profits are set to go through the roof during 2017’s closing three months.

Samsung already posted an all-time quarterly record of KRW 14.07 trillion ($12.3 billion) between April and June, following a nearly record-breaking haul of 9.9 trillion won ($8.8 billion US dollars) for the January – March 2017 window.

Up next, the world’s most prolific mobile handset vendors are looking at an estimated Q3 operating profit of 14.2 trillion won ($12.5 billion), according to financial analysts, followed by an even more awe-inspiring 15.5 trillion won ($13.6 billion) bottom line estimation for the October – December timeframe.

That would make for no less than three consecutive quarters of all-time records, and even if the iPhone X ends up substantially outselling the Galaxy Note 8, which will probably be the case, Samsung can still expect these mammoth predictions to come true.

In fact, Apple could help its arch-rival make more money than ever, buying edge-to-edge OLED screens like crazy. Samsung’s Display Panel and Semiconductor businesses should perform remarkably well regardless of the S8 or Note 8’s holiday popularity, with DRAM and NAND chips in particular being so hotly demanded that the world-leading manufacturer can’t keep up.

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