One analyst believes the iPhone X is ‘dead’ and buried, with production at a standstill already

It’s no big secret that demand for Apple’s most hyped, fanciest and costliest iPhone ever has nosedived in recent months, causing significant financial losses not just for the Cupertino-based mobile device manufacturer, but key suppliers like Samsung and TSMC as well. Then again, it’s way too early to forget about the rampant success of the iPhone X during the holiday season.

No matter how badly sales may have declined since January, it definitely feels a little extreme to already call the $999 handset “dead.” Especially based simply on TSMC’s latest forecast, as well as the questionable claim that “consumers are turning their backs on high-priced smartphones.”

The hyperbolic quotes belong to Neil Campling, a top analyst and researcher from international banking and financial group Mirabaud. Campling essentially believes iPhone X production has been halted for good, with leftover inventory to be “burned off” in the next few months, and no replenishment in sight.

That means Apple will replace the X in the fall instead of keeping it around at a lower starting price, possibly holding on to the 8 and 8 Plus as affordable alternatives to the two new OLEDs and single next-gen LCD version expected out in September. That’s something other analysts have forecasted too, but we highly doubt the iPhone X is already “dead” and buried.

Besides, Campling’s view that the excessive price alone caused the X “flop” seems to suggest its sequels would all be more affordable, which doesn’t feel very likely.

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