An Updated Version of WISBar is Available

At long last an updated version of the WISBar has been released. This new version address a few of the issues that Pocket PC 2002 users were having.

Here is a quick list of some of the modifications made:

– Updated all icons and looks to match PPC 2002.

– Changed the behavior of the close button to do what 2002 does and smartminize instead of closing (Optional).

– If smartminize is ON then you may close the application by holding down the close button for half a sec to close the app or use the task switcher to close it.

– Clicking on volume settings brings the 2002 volume control for 2002 users.

– Clicking on the date/time brings the 2002 Next appointment dialog for 2002 users.

– Fixed the volume mute bug.

– Fixed the start menu icon display.

– Put back the original wisbar battery/memory meters.

You can download the new version, which is in a beta stage, here: WISBar

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