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An Android Desk Phone?

By Joe Levi September 13, 2010, 5:00 pm

I think it’s pretty geeky that I have a retro-style Bluetooth handset that looks just like an old-fashioned rotary-phone handset (affiliate link). There is no cord to get wound up and tangled, it’s been replaced with a blinking Bluetooth light.

But that’s just a handset, and it’s still tethered to my Android phone which is usually on my belt. But what if you could combine a desk phone with the Android OS? Think of the possibilities…

With a front-facing camera your dreams of video-conferencing with loved ones far away is now a possibility.

With built-in web browsing, you can replace that laptop on the kitchen counter and still be able to access your recipes and family calendar conveniently, and much more efficiently.

With built-in GSM you wouldn’t even need to place the device next to a telephone outlet, just plug it into the power and let the phone talk over the cellular network.

Unfortunately, currently the device is just a prototype to show off one particular manufacturer’s Android-capable chips… You can’t buy one right now.

What would you do with an Android-powered smart-phone on your desk or kitchen counter? Where else would you place one of these “always tethered” phones?

(Source: MP4Nation)

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