Ambitious Windows Phone 7 Series UI Theme for WAD (Updated)

A few days ago, we came across a new Windows Phone 7 Series themed shell that’s currently in development at XDA-developers. Well, it looks like the floodgates have been opened. LeSScro, also from XDA, is working on what looks to be an amazing WP7S theme for WisBar Advance Desktop 2.x. As you can see in the video preview below, it has the familiar looking tiles, hubs, and over-sized text that flows onto neighboring panels. It also sports transitional animations that you’d expect out of a WP7S theme. If LeSScro can tie up all the loose ends and complete this ambitious project, I may have to go back and try out WAD2 again. Follow us on Twitter: @pocketnowTweets and we’ll be sure to let all of you WAD fanatics know when a beta is released on XDA-developers.

Notable Features:

• Lockscreen with time, date and notifications

• Start screen with familiar blue tiles and links (hopefully customizable)

• Profile settings (WiFi and volume settings)

• Transitional animations

• Pictures Hub

• Games Hub (probably to hold all your games)

• Media Hub for music, video, podcasts, radio

• Office Hub

• Stocks Hub

• People Hub

• All apps launcher in list format

• Weather


Update: new video added of UI in action.

Note: as I mentioned above, the WP7S themes, skins and projects are officially flooding user forums. There’s also a theme for PointUI in the works. It looks like the creator is gauging interest to see if it’s worth pursuing, so be sure to let him know on the PointUI forums (thanks, Strangerx).

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