The future of TV is apps, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, as well as high-resolution video content, according to everyone else. Hopefully, the company’s fifth-generation digital media player will manage to finally combine both whenever it launches, ideally at a price tag not substantially higher than the $150 currently charged for the late 2015-unveiled Apple TV with 32GB storage.

Alas, the newest hint as to the existence and impending nature of a refreshed Siri-controlled set-top box is an extremely cryptic FCC certification of an Apple product carrying the model number A1844.

The regulatory documents appear to merely be laying out this thing’s Bluetooth and NFC (?!) connectivity, with Wi-Fi unspecified, no mention whatsoever of other key features, and not even a blueprint supplied to confirm we’re indeed looking at a 2016 Apple TV update.

For all we know, the A1844 could be something else entirely, like, say, a smart home automation hub in the same vein as the Amazon Echo line or the Google Assistant-supporting Google Home. Granted, that’s mostly conjecture and wishful thinking, but it’s possible.

What’s probable is we’ll get a 4K-capable new Apple TV alongside one or two revamped iPads and a revised MacBook Pro sometime in October or November.

Source: FCC
Via: Engadget

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