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Asking Google Assistant to open the map or telling Siri to book an Uber ride is easy, but the same level of control has so far eluded Alexa. In a bid to make its virtual assistant more useful, Amazon has today launched a new tool called Alexa for Apps, that will allow developers to bake an in-depth Alexa integration in their apps and make life easier for users.

Talking about the functional aspect, users can ask Alexa to search a hashtag on Twitter with just a voice command, ask the SONIC app what is new on the food menu and ask for the location of the nearest outlet, and execute a host of other tasks in certain apps. For example, users can ask Alexa to open the TikTok app and tell it to start recording their voice or shoot their video. Here’s how it works:

Alexa for Apps is currently in the preview stage, and it is available for both Android and iOS platforms. But the functionality is not just limited to apps, as the new tool can be configured to perform a web search or open the app repository if you don’t have the requisite app installed on your phone. Developers need to apply for early access in order to check out the new Alexa for Apps tool and test it across a variety of hardware.

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