When outrage pays off: Amazon will soon bring back Fire OS encryption

While owners of low-cost Fire tablets aren’t routinely characterized as extremely tech-savvy, and Amazon’s argument for ditching full disk encryption probably held up, the timing of the security-shrinking move wasn’t the wisest.

Even if no one actually uses the feature, it feels weird to just give it up voluntarily, without so much as a heads up, when other companies’ execs are literally risking their freedom to protect it on every single iDevice around.

But ultimately, Amazon appears to have listened to the voice of reason (and public scrutiny), yielding to the numerous security experts that called for data protection to stay. As such, the Seattle-headquartered tech giant says, “we will return the option for full disk encryption with a Fire OS update coming this spring.”

It likely won’t be mandatory this time around either, or activated by default on your $50 7-inchers, as Fire OS 5 is a heavily modified Android Lollipop, not Marshmallow fork. Still, a few people should breathe easily knowing they can keep private information away from prying eyes if they so choose.

Source: Engadget

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