It’s coming up on one year now since Amazon first launched its Android Appstore, bringing the platform a third-party challenger that could compete against Google for its share of app sales. Year one saw the store get some high-profile exclusives, but Amazon still struggles to attract users to its marketplace. As the company continues to refine its offering, we see the arrival of a new version of Appstore, with some very nice-sounding tweaks.

Android notifications are a hugely useful feature, but only so long as you’re paying attention to them. Overdo things, and you might quickly find yourself swamped with so many notifications that you start glossing-over and ignoring many. In its effort to help ease that burden, Amazon Appstore 2.2.0 adds the ability to customize just which of its events trigger notification responses.

Additional changes in this update include more robust compatibility checking to weed-out apps that won’t play nicely with your phone, as well as the arrival of new language describing in-app payment options.

We haven’t heard of anything special Amazon’s planned for the Appstore’s one year anniversary, taking place on March 22, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see some promotional deals being offered; we’ll let you know if any details surface.

Source: Amazon

Via: Android Central

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