Knowing Sony’s intentions to further “contract” an already frail US mobile business while “maximizing” European sales, it sure was surprising to see the Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact dated for their American releases off the bat, but not on the old continent.

In case you missed the timetable, the 720p 4.6-incher is supposed to launch globally “from September 2016”, with the ETA narrowed down to the 25th stateside, whereas the Full HD 5.2-incher should begin its world invasion at some point the following month, officially debuting on US shores come October 23.

Meanwhile, mum’s the word on pricing essentially everywhere. Or rather was, until Amazon UK spilled the regional beans by prematurely listing the two expert cameraphones for pre-orders. You can still commit to the Sony Xperia X Compact in white, mist blue or universe black at £380 a pop, or reserve a spot in front of the XZ-purchasing line in exchange for £550 with a similar choice of colors: forest blue, mineral black or platinum.

Technically, the British tags convert to an exorbitant $505 and $730 respectively, though once taking into account various taxes and premiums, it’s safe to expect the handhelds fetching around $400 and $550 in the US, and no more than €450 and €600 in most EU states.

Amazon UK currently promises to deliver the X Compact on September 28, with the XZ merely listed as “not yet released.”

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