The cross platform-supporting, sensor-packed but cumbersome and now outdated first-generation Microsoft Band has been a deal darling lately, dropping to $100 before the sequel went on sale stateside, and then $80 as the Black Friday – Cyber Monday frenzy approached.

These days, it’s back to $100 for one of the world’s most meticulous activity trackers on American shores, while Redmond’s UK branch charges £70, VAT included, which converts to around $107. But for 24 hours only (16 left and counting at the time of this writing), the British Amazon cuts the OG Microsoft Band’s price even deeper, to just £55 ($84).

That’s a whopping £115, or 68 percent, off the MSRP, though obviously, it’s been a long time since we’ve last seen the wearable device actually selling for £170. Compared to the £200 second-gen, this is quite the bargain therefore, and the technology gap is nowhere near as wide as you’d imagine.

Yes, the Band 2 looks much better and comfier to wear than its predecessor, and yes, the 320 x 128 pixels resolution AMOLED display trumps the old 320 x 106 TFT panel. But aside from a barometer, the 2014 model features all the exact same sensors as its successor, including GPS, ambient light, UV, skin temperature, galvanic skin response, gyrometer, optical heart rate, and accelerometer, and that’s primarily what makes both these smart bands great.

Bottom line, you may regret snubbing Amazon UK’s Deal of the Day, even with the holiday shopping season not technically underway yet.

Source: Amazon UK

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