Amazon just released a new iPhone application destined for college students, and this is something you definitely should take advantage of if it applies to you. What it does is allow you to trade-in any textbooks, games, movies and electronics that even include iOS gadgets, that you don’t need any more, all from the palm of your hand.

To make the deal even better, students will receive Amazon Prime benefits for free during 6 months, so yeah, you’ll get free two day shipping with the service. Amazon will value what you scanned on the app and pay you through a Gift Card you can later use to buy anything within Amazon they’ll ship a pre-paid shipping label to your address for the trade. So if buying books is an expensive chore you’ll most likely not want to keep once the semester ends, here’s a smart way to get rid of them instead of piling them up in your closet. I’m not sure how Amazon will price your items, but it’s a no brainer if you don’t plan to use them any more.

Full benefits include:

– Instant Price Checks: Scan a barcode¬ócheck a price: It’s that easy. Shop smarter and compare prices on textbooks and everything else you buy, no matter where you are. Access’s low prices and vast selection to buy books, music, DVDs, electronics, apparel, and just about anything else from your phone.

– Sell Your Stuff: Turn your used stuff into Gift Cards. Just scan a textbook, game, movie, or gadget you no longer need and see the trade-in value for any eligible item. Ship it for free and get an Gift Card to spend on millions of items on

– FREE Two-Day Shipping: The Amazon Student program offers college students FREE Two-Day Shipping for six months with Amazon Prime shipping benefits.

Get the app for free now on your iPhone or iPod Touch, and give it a try. Just remember that text book rentals are a whole different animal, and you can get those with this other Amazon service.

Via: 9To5Mac

Soure: iTunes

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