Last fall, the long-rumored Amazon smartphone started sounding pretty interesting, as reports distinguished it from run-of-the-mill slates by suggesting that Amazon would give the phone an elaborate series of eye-tracking cameras, capable of producing pseudo-3D parallax effects without the need for a specialized display. That rumor’s now back alongside news that Amazon’s been showing off the hardware to developers, and some new updates on the company’s plans for the phone help us narrow-down when to expect an official announcement.

Back in March, we heard that Amazon would launch the phone sometime this summer – specifically, within a window three to six months out. According to this new report, however, the company could be looking to move a little sooner, and might launch the phone this quarter, before the end of June. Following that news, sales of the Amazon smartphone would get underway in Q3.

Beginning sales before we’re into Q4 would presumably help Amazon get an early start on the holiday season. However, the sources behind this information also warn that there are a number of big unknowns – even the handset’s design may not be finalized at this late hour – and that uncertainty could end up delaying everything we’ve talked about here. Maybe in that light, those rumors last month were closer to the money. In any case, we’re just extremely curious to check this model out for ourselves, and especially to find out if this 3D fakery is actually going to be something cool, or just a one-note gimmick.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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