Amazon makes $50 second-gen Echo Dot official, also brings larger Echo to Europe

Just 24 hours after accidentally revealing an “all-new”, cheaper version of the hockey puck-sized Echo Dot on Twitter, Amazon formally introduced the second-generation voice-controlled device in the UK, where it’s up for pre-orders already, with an estimated shipping date of October 20.

Also headed for US and German shores on October 20 and 26 respectively, the super-tiny 83.5 x 83.5 x 32mm smart home contraption reportedly packs a more powerful voice processor than its predecessor, yet it only costs $50, £50 or €60, depending on where you live.

It comes in black or white paint jobs too, and connects to external speakers via Bluetooth or a traditional 3.5mm audio jack, merely featuring a modest built-in speaker for basic voice recognition. The Alexa assistant constantly gets smarter and more intuitive, promptly setting alarms, reading the news, delivering weather information, ordering take away, requesting Uber rides, and so on.

Oh, and the Amazon Echo Dot 2nd generation is available in six and 12-packs as well, for the regular price of five and ten units respectively.

Meanwhile, the same old but arguably spectacular “full-sized” Echo spreads from the US to Great Britain and Germany, setting you back £150 or €180. In both old continent countries, plus stateside, the intelligent cylinder can be picked up in a classical black coating or new white flavor.

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