Amazon scalped and buyers snatched 128GB Pixel XL units for $1,518.54

You know how desperate people are for the 128GB Google Pixel XL? You know, the phone that hasn’t been stocked at the Google Store for several weeks and won’t be available to ship from Verizon until March?

They go to Amazon. Yep, Amazon to the rescue! For $1,518.54, plus tax. Shipped and sold by Amazon.

Yep, that’s the screencap Android Police got of the priciest black Pixel out there with suggested retail price of $869. Now, it’s given that Amazon isn’t an actual retailer for the Pixel (just like how T-Mobile isn’t), but that it can and will attain stock of a popular product by what means and costs it can take.

As of this post, all of Amazon’s units have been sold out and there weren’t that many to go around in the first place. The white Pixel, as sold direct from Amazon, was $1,510.08.

Sure, you can definitely go your way with a third-party seller where prices range between $1,300 and $1,800… at your own risk, of course.

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