Amazon Prime monthly subscriptions launch on their own

It was just a short time ago that Sprint partnered with Amazon to deliver monthly Amazon Prime subscriptions as a third-party attachment to subscribers’ cell service bills. Now, Amazon is doing its own thing and going for Netflix’s jugular, right as the competitor is set to jack up prices.

CNNMoney is reporting that an Amazon Prime subscription, in addition to being offered at an annual rate of $99, will now also be offered in two monthly forms: the Amazon Prime Video service will go for $8.99 while the full Amazon Prime package — complete with free two-day shipping, Prime Music and other benefits — will go for the same monthly $10.99 as offered through Sprint.

Netflix will increase its monthly individual subscription fee from $8.99 to $9.99 next month.

Video content providers are in a fiery race to reach out to more would-be watchers with appealing and paywalled original content and some are subsidizing that venture through higher subscription rates. Amazon may be making a visible move to undercut genericized and meme-rific Netflix’s appeal.

And as for the full monthly bundle, you’d still be paying $31.89 more than you would with an annual subscription, but if you’re looking for a trial balloon to see if Prime’s right for you or tend to have an Amazon “shopping season,” well, you have more flexibility in this case.

The monthly subscription should take place within the night.

Source: CNNMoney
Via: The Verge

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