Amazon lets you save up to $90 on Prime exclusive Moto G4 for limited time

In the market for a robust budget-conscious Android smartphone this gift-giving season? The popular Moto G4 family includes three such stellar options, and if you’re a proud member of the Amazon Prime club, you can nab the “standard” 32GB SKU for an all-time low price today.

Lockscreen offers and (discreet) ads bring the non-Play, non-Plus 5.5-incher down to just $139.99 with plenty of internal storage space, as well as microSD support. The non-Prime 32GB Moto G4 variant normally costs around $230, so you’re looking at pretty massive $90 savings here.

If you want to cough up even less, the fourth-generation Moto G4 Prime Exclusive Edition goes for $129.99 with 16GB local digital hoarding room, down from a $200 list price. But you’ll probably agree 10 extra bucks are money well spent to double that modest ROM.

Meanwhile, the unlocked low-end Moto G4 Play for all (i.e. not just Amazon Prime subscribers) will set you back $130 after a small $20 discount, and a G4 Plus, again in a non-Prime configuration, can be yours in exchange for $200 with 16GB storage ($50 off list), or $230 when you get a spacious 64GB ROM ($70 savings in store).

Not exactly the Black Friday deals of a lifetime, which is why they’re not explicitly said to expire later today, but you should still hurry if they tickle your fancy.

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